Germantown: Images of hope

“Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.” – Walker Evans.

(This photo was taken on Jan 30th 2011 in Germantown on E. Armat Street. 600 by 800 pixels)

(This photo was taken on Jan 30th 2011 on Greene Street. 600 by 450 pixels.)

(This photo was taken on Jan 30th 2011 on Germantown Avenue. 500 by 375 pixels)

(This photo was taken on Jan 30th 2011 on Germantown Avenue. 600 by 800 pixels.)

All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix Digital camera.


2 responses to “Germantown: Images of hope

  • Huntly Collins

    Hi Claire,
    Love the theme up top and the Walker Evans quote, which I had never run into. Have you read, “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men?” It’s a classic about a black community in Alabama during the Depression. The photos are magnificent. The book and photos came out of the art project under President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA). Essentially, the federal government paid artists to chronicle the lives of people as they coped with the Depresssion. And, of course, by hiring people, the government helped end the recession by putting folks to work.
    In any event…Really like the top photo, which speaks to hope. Second one, the topic is not clear. The mural with “Civil Rights” in the background works, but you need to get up a little closer, get those words bigger and captur just part of the photo.
    Professor Collins

    • Huntly Collins

      Oops! Make that a poor white community in Alabama. My head was still in Gtown as I was writing!
      Which brings up an interesting issue: What happens when someone makes a factual error in a blog post and realizes the mistake but only after posting the comment? Is there any way to correct the post? A question for Dr. Beatty! Professor Collins

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